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Railway waggon transport

We advice you all neccesary steps to carry your goods safety, fast and according to the prices which meet with your expectations and requirements.

We have long term experience in railway transport of various kind of goods and all agregates: liquid, bulk raw material, palletised goods, passenger cars, household appliances, RID/ADR, dangerous goods.
Transport of goods can be performed in waggons, property of national railways as well as in private waggons.

We offer you special »hub-and-spoke« services in tight cooperation with our partners on 10th and 5th pan-european corridor, both crossing Slovenia.
Key benefit of the hub-and-spoke model is to collect single waggons to a hub, then dispatching them together in a block train to the hub nearest destination.
Your benefits are transit time, transport price and quality of our service.



"Train Zahony" - "Produkt Zahony"

 Direct train on 5th European corridor.

Connecting Central and West Europe (Italy, France, Slovenia) with Ukraine and ex Soviet countries. Single waggons, which arrive from Italy, Austria respectively Slovenia are composed in Ljubljana into blocktrain and despatched without stopping towards Zahony. After reloading in Zahony they are transported further towards Ukraine or Russia.

"10th corridor train"

 Connecting Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy ,Slovenia) with Southeast Europe (Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria).

The blocktrain is formed at the station in Ljubljana.


Combined Transport

Combining rail transport with truck and sea transport modes. We can organise transport, reloading, warehousing, distribution.


Transport of containers by rail

Acceptable prices, manipulation  and higher security are key benefits of container transport.We can organise transport in 20´ and 40´ containers. According to your demand we can also load the goods on to  the trucks and deliver and reload it into the containers. Every day we can inform you about the container location.


Oversized rail transport

We also have long term experiences in organising rail transport of oversized goods.


Additional services

  • Customs clearance (wide network of our and partner´s offices troughout Europe)
  • Extra Cargo Insurance (in cooperation with our insurance company)
  • Tracking of waggons (every day you can get the information about the location of your waggons respectivelly container)
  • Consulting